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Welcome to Paean


Vision to created leadership & economy development the paean education was setup part of a country skill development mission to fullill the growing need in india for skilled manpower & leader all over world required .both growing economy & leadership  the mission must  be such that programme can be created with paean E-Education cover the whole country.


The paean E-Education upgrade skill  International standards through significant  industry Involvement development programme nacessary  framework for  standards curriculum quality assurance enhance support &coordinate to universalization by development programme  personality more changes .Intergrated personality development ,Economy betterment ,Intellactual development ,Social development ,Behavioral development ,Moralistic development ,meditation source of success ,,Time management ,make good friends ,Sharpen memory power ,Live planned & Happy life ,Healthy ,   Oriented Decision making ,

Focus on every peoples Awareness ,significant with systematic training & development programme involvement  play the role growing litracy rate India & elswhere undevelopment backward missing area involvement .


Generally everybody thinks good for himself or herself and keep thinking of discording whatever the shortcomings or ills within the self so that there can be a better tomorrow. Unfortunately that tomorrow never fossen and the whole of the life flows by. And so, it is of vital importance that instead of wishing for a tomorrow, one should dedicate to today. Time never waits for anybody, its a stream which continues flowing. Whoever ignores the entity of time is himself ignorant and in turn is ignored by the society. So, keeping in view the broad perspective of vitality and dominance of time, we should acquaint ourselves with the factors which are the basics to our success.